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Re: List changes

In a message dated 05/01/97 7:24:20 AM, Mary Crest wrote:

<<Also, I am reading posts from conservators; I am interested in artist's
books. Does this list include book artists? If not, could you recommend one?

Peter, I would like to add my voice to this plaintive request. Though I have
sometimes found the discussions of book conservation interesting (the current
slug-fest definitely excepted), I would  be  interested in more, or at least
additional, discussions about books themselves. I must say, it is annoying to
have the list taken over by what appear to be posturing egoists venting
spleen. At this point, couldn't this discussion take place just as profitably
in private?

BTW thank you for the list of subscribers. Is any more information available
(i.e., who does what in the world of book arts?). Also, I periodically send
out a newsletter of my creative activities, along with information about
upcoming classes I will be teaching. Do you consider that a commercial
activity that would be prohibited on this list? Thank you. Barbara Harman

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