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Re: List changes

This list is filled with book artists and conservators, collectors and
dealers. you name we probably have it. If you look at our archives, you
will find that topics come and go and that there is a great variety in
them. If you're not interested in a topic, start one.

At 01:26 PM 5/1/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 05/01/97 7:24:20 AM, Mary Crest wrote:
><<Also, I am reading posts from conservators; I am interested in artist's
>books. Does this list include book artists? If not, could you recommend one?
To get back to the discussions though, come-on folks, this list is what you
make of it. I'll steer things on occasion, but but it's up to you to keep
things going. Change the topic if it's annoying or start a parallel thread.
Despite the spitting and venom of this last discussion, I found that there
are actually some interesting and valid points which were raised. The list
seemed taken over because "you" let it be. There are a number of fine
binders, conservators..., in private practice, in this group who are very
unafraid to voice their opinions in verbal discussion but have stayed out
of this one. That's too bad in my opinion. Much more could have been gained
in terms of business advice.

>Peter, I would like to add my voice to this plaintive request. Though I have
>sometimes found the discussions of book conservation interesting (the current
>slug-fest definitely excepted), I would  be  interested in more, or at least
>additional, discussions about books themselves. I must say, it is annoying to
>have the list taken over by what appear to be posturing egoists venting
>spleen. At this point, couldn't this discussion take place just as profitably
>in private?
>BTW thank you for the list of subscribers. Is any more information available
>(i.e., who does what in the world of book arts?). Also, I periodically send
>out a newsletter of my creative activities, along with information about
>upcoming classes I will be teaching. Do you consider that a commercial
>activity that would be prohibited on this list? Thank you. Barbara Harman
As for who does what and where, that is not information I have, unless I
happen to know the person. A great number of the subscribers are familiar
to me, many are not. That's the way it is. There are some other lists such
as Prints-L, Paper_L, Typo-L which discuss their respective topics. But
then there is a great deal of cross over.

So, you want to discuss something of interest to you, bring it up. If you
don't well...


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