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Re: tacketting

I've done it quite a bit lately. I find it works great especially with
larger books where I don't want to rely on the Japanese paper alone for
strength in the repair. After the tacketting it's a straightforward
Japanese paper repair, ie touch up...

Feel free to give me a call. You did see the write up in the BPG Annual by
Robert Espinosa a few years back, didn't you?


At 02:20 PM 5/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>        Does anybody in New England or NY do tacketting? I am trying to get
>some info about the effectiveness/appropriateness of tacketting for use on
>non-rare circulating library books (leather), and would love to visit a
>library/studio/lab where it is done. I need to find a way of dealing with
>detached boards (solid textblocks, solid spine, only the hinge is damaged)
>other than boxing, which we already do. Any insights? Advice? Solutions
>that I'm overlooking? Opinions about tacketting? Thanks-
>Amy Morris
>Smith College Libraries
Bucheinbandkunst ist Architektur in kleinstem Massstab
Otto Dorfner

Peter Verheyen, Conservation Librarian
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, NY 13244

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