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  I have used tackets a few times, if, by that term, we mean the same
thing.  In my case it was the reattachment method developed, I think, by

Robert Espinosa (sp?) in Utah.  I am not sure did it the way he does it,

but perhaps if he is on the list he will respond himself.
  It is a useful repair for some items, I think, but as the books get
larger and more tackets are required it becomes more time consuming. It
works well on books with good shoulders and strong paper, but it does
restrict the opening, or at least alter it.  I found it much faster to
do when I did the tacket connecting with a beading needle, which also
lets you be more creative on the angle and spacing of the holes.
  Perhaps others on the list have made more extensive use of the
procedure than I have.  I hope they will respond to Ms. Morris's
  Dorothy Africa
  Bookbinder, Harvard Law Sch.

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