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Query: labeling systems

Hello all,
I realize that labeling is not precisely a preservation or conservation
matter, but my job is all-encompassing. When I'm not labeling, I'm
mending (or attempting to) and vice versa. I'm interested in what
labeling systems are in use in other libraries. We are currently limping
along with the Vernon Labeling Software, which has never worked
as promised, and seems to sprout 2-3 new problems with each "up-
grade". Support from the designer and Vernon has been next to nil,
and never helpful when we have had the odd luck to actually get
it. It's little more than a step up from hand-entering each individual
call number, which was what we (I) did prior to purchasing the VLS.

If you have a labeling system that works for you, I would be interested
in hearing about it. Or if you have/have had one that was truly
awful, I'd apprecite a warning. VTLS is alledged to have a labeling
program but, from what we've found, even VTLS can't get it to
work! Not a good sign. I'm hoping to start a campaign for a new,
*fully functional* labeling system with the start of the fiscal year,
so I'm trying to gather information now. I think private email would
be best, as I'm not quite sure this topic is in keeping with the list.

Thanks in advance. I now return you to your regularly scheduled

Alicia Cosgrove
Materials Processor

ali00akc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (704) 547-3570
Technical Services/Atkins Library/UNC-CHARLOTTE <all standard disclaimers apply>

"Well-behaved women rarely make history."   Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

"Tattooed opinionated soapmaking amazon women RULE!!!"
                                                 Lisa Kuney

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