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Re: List changes

Dear Mary and Barbara, it is evident from your comments that your are
not interested in the least in the ethical issue I raised on a previous
thread. Perhaps you would be if your livelihood depended on it. I am,
Mary, like you,  a book artist I have been since 1968, I have chosen to
support myself and my family as a book artist. I must say that since
opening my own studio in 1978, I have done quite well, I plan to
continue. In the great capitalist tradition, I am always always reaching
for a better life, for me and my family. One of the way I do that is by
working very hard, in the book conservation business. When I am not
working, I educate myself on the business, by reading on the techniques
and history of the book. Recently, I have had the great pleasure to join
this list and broaden my horizon. To break the monotony of studio work
and to satisfy my collector tendency, I started a side business in the
rare book world. This last venture occupies about 20 week ends yearly. I
am only telling you all this to try to convey to you my love of books. I
enjoy  this list very much. I enjoy the many discussions on most topics.
I have learned a lot from it. I hope you benefit from it as much as I
have. As far as I know, this list was created to inform people in the
book arts. The issues I raised in the ethic thread are relevant to this
list, and, because this country is still a democratic system, I have
taken the opportunity to do it.
I assume, Barbara, that peddling your classes on the list is in no way
egoistic, and that calling the ethic thread "slug feast" is not "venting
spleen", I also assume that you are smart enough to ignore a thread on a
topic you have no interest in, without having to insult the participants
, I have read and reread my posts on the thread and I have found no
spitting or poison in them. On the contrary, I found that I have been
very courteous for having been put on the defensive several times. You
will notice Barbara that, as of today, very little answers to my
questions on ethics have been posted.
I know that the thread is a touchy topic, my intentions were not to
conduct a vendetta against moonlighting conservators. If it was
perceived as such, I apologize. My intention however is to raise the
consciousness of the conservation community on such practices.
Furthermore, I am adamantly determined to continue the topic on the
ethicality of conservation centers's push to cater to the  private

Barbara Harman wrote:

  In a message dated 05/01/97 7:24:20 AM, Mary Crest wrote:

  <<Also, I am reading posts from conservators; I am interested in
  books. Does this list include book artists? If not, could you
  recommend one?

  Peter, I would like to add my voice to this plaintive request.
  Though I have
  sometimes found the discussions of book conservation interesting
  (the current
  slug-fest definitely excepted), I would  be  interested in more, or
  at least
  additional, discussions about books themselves. I must say, it is
  annoying to
  have the list taken over by what appear to be posturing egoists
  spleen. At this point, couldn't this discussion take place just as
  in private?

  BTW thank you for the list of subscribers. Is any more information
  (i.e., who does what in the world of book arts?). Also, I
  periodically send
  out a newsletter of my creative activities, along with information
  upcoming classes I will be teaching. Do you consider that a
  activity that would be prohibited on this list? Thank you. Barbara


Denis Gouey

Denis Gouey Bookbinding Studio
PO Box 383 Norfolk CT, 06058

860 542 5063


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