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Re: List changes

In a message dated 05/01/97 7:25:23 PM, Denis Gouey wrote:

<<I assume, Barbara, that peddling your classes on the list is in no way

You'll note please, that I inquired, I did not peddle. As to the rest, it is
the tone that counts, I believe. While you clearly have legitimate points in
your argument on ethics, it is the fact that you must attack anyone who
ventures to offer a different opinion from you that becomes offensive. What
comes across to me, and in your post directed at me as well, is a hostility
that seems out of proportion to the subject matter. Actually, Denis, we are
ALL trying to earn a living, one way and another and it seems to me you do
not have the corner on its being difficult. Some tolerance for others and a
belief in their basic good intentions would certainly go a long way.


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