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Re: pricing

I have been reading this discussion with great interest and after John
Freund's comments feel that it is time for my two cents worth.  My
situation is similar to John's with the exception that over the years I
have accumulated my own equipment and do what work I do without my
employees equipment.

In the northeast and in California where conservators are more numerous
the situation seems somewhat different.   In South Carolina where many
consider history important there are very few people with training to do
conservation work and half of those with the training don't do or don't
like to do bench work.

I am definitely considered a community resource and find myself in a
position similar to John's though I have found that if I do anything for
free I really get into trouble.  I currently have a waiting list for work
of about 2 years.  I try on most occasions to send the clients to a full
time professional with the response that they don't want to send their
treasure away.  They don't trust the mails and don't want to travel to
another area to take their materials.

The reality is that one has to take stock of the situation as it stands,
evaluate the pros and cons and do the best they can with a situation.  I'd
like to meet the person who is becoming rich in the conservation or
bookbinding field.

Jane Brown
Charleston, SC

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