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Re: Papermaking

In a message dated 97-04-30 02:21:48 EDT, you write:

<< Any ideas on getting the final pulp at home?

Why not make paper from plants? You soak and cook various fibers--yucca,
iris, etc. Instead of handbeating, I put the cooked and rinsed fiber in a
paint straining bag and throw the well-sealed bag into the washing machine--a
technique learned from Ann Vincente at a Friends of Dard Hunter papermaker's
conference. Then, I finish the beating in a blender. The paper is beautiful.

Two good books on the subject is Vance Studley's The Art and Craft of
Handmade Paper and Lillian Bell's Plant Fibers for Papermaking. There's a
third, stained from using it in the studio, title: Handmade Paper, by Sheril
Cunning. A fourth, that I probably should have listed first is PAPERMAKING,
Jules Heller. Also, you may or may not realize that you can buy prepared pulp
to suit your purposes--printmaking, book making, watercolor, printing, etc.

I am a book artist and this is my first post to this apparently grouchy
group. I have been receiving post for three days, many, maybe most, of the
posts I have received have been biting, mean-spirited discussions about two
things--the poor lady who wanted to know if her practice was ethical--and
then the pricing 'war'. Do you guys ever talk about the beauty of the craft?
Or your ideas, or techniques? I am not a hobbyist, I'm serious about my work.
This list was listed as a bookarts group. I am replying to this post because
it is the first post that matched my expectations: The sharing of ideas,

My delay in answering the post is a 102.4 fever.

Since I first wrote this post, I have now heard from Emily Martin, and am now
aware of Barbara Harman. I plan to stay. I'll answer Denis in a separate post
after I have some crackers and milk.

I am going against sage advice by posting this. I know I am supposed to hold
back, watch respectfully for a while, then, when I do post, be anything but
confrontive.  Maybe I just joined you at an inopportune time. I am not saying
the discussion hasn't been informative at times, but the sarcasm is tiring.

Mary Crest

Mary Crest

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