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Re: Papermaking & the freedom to delete... Oops.

Mary Crest says:
>.... Do you guys ever talk about the beauty of the craft?
>Or your ideas, or techniques? I am not a hobbyist, I'm serious about my work.

Since you are new to the list - and for the other new subscribers - I would
like to point out that the archives of BAL are on the CoOL site, located
at..."The Book_Arts-L archives located at CoOL can be accessed via the
"Book_Arts-L FAQ" button on the main page or directly at
<http://palimpsest.stanford.edu> the home
of CoOL (Conservation Online). We are located under "mailing lists" about
halfway down Walter's list of offerings. Here you will find these
instructions on permanent display and the list archives."

What's great about this is that you can spend a little (or a lot) of time
going through it, via subject and find many useful craft, creative and
philosophical discussions. I try to spend a little time in the archives
before I inquire of the list - and have gotten answers so that I didn't
have to post a repetitive question. Once you've spent a little time there,
you will see that helpfulness and cooperation are the normal tone of this

Everybody on the list is serious - you'd have to be to wade through what
you don't want to read and use the delete button ;-). This is like a subway
car or bus - we're all headed in the same general direction - Book Arts -
but we all get on and off at different stops. I love seeing the enthusiasm
- from the hobbyist to the jihad bookies - they all contribute to the mix.

Thanks for the info about papermaking texts, it's always good to see how
people use this info and bringing it to our attention strengthens the
information base available.


Nicholas G. Yeager  Artifex Librorum  51 Warren St. #2  New York, NY 10007
212.346.9609 email:artifex@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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