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Re: Papermaking

I'm slow in reading my mail so there may have been a lot of comments on
Daniel Warrens post already--but my 2 cents worth. I was saving money to buy
a Hollender (I also didn't see much point in making paper from paper). I also
realized that I would eed a press and drier to really do the job. I soon
became disenchanted with trying to save up all this--about $10,000. So I took
a closser look at what I like to do and at what was available out there. Even
if I bought a Hollender it would require a lot of time to use- it would not
speed up or simplify my papermaking. It seemed more work that profit
especially when I can easily order pulp beaten to my specifications from a
variety of places and delivered to my studio dooor.  However a press and
drier would simplify and make easier the papermaking process for me and cut
my financial burden  (for buying equipment ) in half--so I went that way. No
Hollender but purchased pulp delivered right t

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