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Re: storage of paper

On Fri, 2 May 1997, Susan Carter wrote:

> How do you store huge pieces of paper/board/tissue?

I don't want to spend the money (or need the capacity) for a metal
flat-storage file, so I bought a GREAT BIG flat archival box from Light
Impressions, which is quite reasonable and shipped flat. I remember it
costing somewhere around $20 or so.  I keep it flat on top of a card table
tucked under my standing-height work bench (the box is bigger than the
card table but just barely smaller than the work bench).  When I need it,
I pull the card table out, which doesn't both the old asbestos-tile floor,
open the box, and go through my few dozen sheets of wonderful expensive
Daniel Smtih-type papers to get the one I want.  The cats like to lie on
top of it when I'm working, too.

> And then what do you do with the not so huge?  Or how about the eensey,
> weensey bits you might need and hate to waste?

I haven't really faced up to this, but again I would go with an archival
box, or several - Light Impressions is far less expensive than some other
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