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Re: storage of paper

At 08:43 PM 5/2/97 UT, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I've been wrestling with a problem that I'm sure many of you deal with as well
>How do you store huge pieces of paper/board/tissue?

I have a flat file, and don't know how I ever managed without one as I have
large sheets of marbled paper to store.  The drawers are very shallow which
is a plus because then you can't store too much and therefore makes easier
removal of the paper you need.  I separate the types of paper within each
drawer with large sheets of thin cardboard.  This allows me to lift up a
number of sheets to get to the ones below.  Unfortunately, manufactured flat
files are expensive.  My husband made an additional flat file for me out of
plywood; and instead of drawers I have shelves which slide out (the shelves
rest on aluminum 1 x 1 inch 90 degree angles).  The aluminum runners are
screwed to the plywood sides; the shelves are plywood.
>And then what do you do with the not so huge?  Or how about the eensey,
>weensey bits you might need and hate to waste?

ZipLoc Bags work great!  They come in all sizes and I especially like the 2
gallon size to store my miscellaneous papers after they've been cut from
larger sheets.   This allows me to store by color, or pattern, or whatever,
and is easy to see what's inside.

Hope this information helps.


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