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Re: Where to get Horsehair

>        Sorry you have had problems in finding "horsehair." House of Fabric
>carries a fine nylon netting under that name, in rolls 45" wide. They told
>me that all stores use the same name for it, but unfortunately, that is not
>correct.  JoAnn Fabric calls a bit lighter nylon net "Petticoat Netting."
>and Hancock Fabric calls the lighter net "Can-Can." Its principal use is in
>layers designed to cause skirts to flare out. Any of these nylon nets works
Thanks so much for your reply. I got some horsehair braid, carried it
around with me in the fabric store, and settled on petticoat netting as the
closest. I wasn't sure if it would work but your advice reassures me.
BTW, we discovered our electric skillet sinks down in the middle, therefore
the middle of the spine doesn't get bonded if using the hot glue method. We
plan to shop for a pancake griddle, but will take a steel ball with us to
roll around on it to test for flatness.
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