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Re: storage of paper

Su Carter asked:
>How do you store huge pieces of paper/board/tissue?

I have a closet in my studio that holds 25X40 inch sheets of paper flat on
four shelves.  It is a bit awkward, but at least they are flat.  Board I
store standing on edge along a wall, but I will have to find a better
method, because my board is warping.  Tissue I keep either with the large
sheets of paper in the closet, or in a dresser drawer where I keep medium
and smaller sheets of paper.  I also have some book shelves on one wall on
which I keep 8.5X11 paper and card stock.

>And then what do you do with the not so huge?  Or how about the eensey,
>weensey bits you might need and hate to waste?

The little trim bits and small pieces I keep in two large shoe boxes on a
shelf above the letter size paper.



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