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Re: Book arts and artist books

In a message dated 97-05-03 01:34:49 EDT, Jeanphoto@xxxxxxx (Jeanne S.
Collins) writes:

<< I have found COVER TO COVER invaluable, but it has several books pictured
 with no explanation (specifically tunnel books).  Any suggestions would be
 greatly welcomed >>

I just got a new book on making books called "making books by hand".  It has
a smaller variety of how to's, but seems to go through step by step very
good.  It also has a great display of artists books in the back.  MacCarthy
is the author, and I found a copy at Borders.

Also very good for how-to's is Books, Boxes, and Wraps.  It doesn't have
pretty glossy pics, but has a good how-to on about a hundred different
artist's books and boxes.  Amazon can get it for you- and you can get to
Amazon thru my online bookstore- where I feature mostly rubber-stamp related
books (mail art, too!) <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/Melaniekrs/bookstore.ht
ml">Toad Hall online bookstore</A>.


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