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Re: London, Cambridge, Paris


My name is Chris Lipscombe, I'm an amateur bookbinder (for love, not
money), now based in New Zealand, and I've recently joined this list.

In response to Crista's question on travel to Europe, here are my thoughts
on London (UK correspondents might like to chip in here).

You might like to visit Falkiners Fine Papers, which last time I was in
London had their shop in Southampton Row, just north of Holborn tube
station. They have a good selection of papers, and some bookbinders' tools,
all of which seemed extraordinarily expensive I must say. The shop is bound
to have information on current exhibitions and meetings of Designer
Bookbinders, which may be of interest to you. And just around the corner,
in Great Russell Street, you have of course the British Library, housed in
the British Museum, with a significant collection of manuscripts as well as
books (including the only copy of Beowulf).

The Victoria & Albert Museum in the Brompton Road has the little-known
National Art Library (visitors welcome), as well as a reconstructed library
from an 18th-century English country house. If you want to pursue the
nature of libraries as well as books, you might also enjoy a visit to Sir
John Soanes' House in Lincolns Inn Field, just south of the Holborn tube
station. It'll also give you a fascinating glimpse into late
eighteenth-century England (those plaster casts!).

Have fun,... Chris

(Christa's message follows)

>Hi all.  I'm new to the list so let me intoduce myself.  My name is
>Crista Cannariato and I work in the conservation department at UCSC.
>I'm currently taking my first bookbinding class and am really excited
>about it.
>Since I'm going to London, Cambridge, and Paris in June I was wondering if
>anyone had any suggestions about book-artsy places to go (specifically
>suppliers, but also museums).  Please give addresses if you have them!
>Crista Canariato

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