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Re: storage of paper

>How do you store huge pieces of paper/board/tissue?

Funny you should ask. This past weekend, my father delivered a paper
cabinet that he made for me. Dad's an excellent amateur cabinetmaker, and
the thing is solid birch with dovetailed joints and brass Vistorian
handles. And it will hold the largest sheets of paper and binder's board.
The best part is that it was designed to replace the table under my board
shear. So the shear is bolted to the top of the paper cabinet, and no
additional space is taken in the bindery. My advice is if you have a
cabinetmaker friend, offer to trade some book work or restoration, or
whatever your poison, for some cabinetry.

>And then what do you do with the not so huge?  Or how about the eensey,
>weensey bits you might need and hate to waste?

I wind up either shoving it into a couple of partitionless drawers in my
type cabinet, or just letting it collect in the "scrap area" next to my
board shear.

Some of the posted solutions to the paper storage problem were quite
ingenious--I particularly liked the converted shower :-)


Steven D. Hales
Assistant Professor                      email: hales@xxxxxxxxxx
Department of Philosophy                 phone: (717) 389-4229
Bloomsburg University                    fax: (717) 389-2094
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815

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