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Cutting Davey board

I'm spending this weekend cutting the cover boards for a limited
edition. I'm newish to bookmaking--working on an MFA--and am into my
first book edition.

After cutting the 8th or 9th set of boards (by hand with sharp bladed,
heavy-duty Exacto box cutter), my hand began to ache and tingle. I'm a
little afraid that continued use of this hand-cutter will ultimately
develop into carpall-tunnel or severly strained ligaments. I'm not a
weak person...I have strong hands. I've been shown the proper way to cut
Davey board.

What are other possible (and good) ways to cut boards. I know I can't
afford (or justify) a Kuttrimmer, but is this the only way? What do
others do for cutting perfectly square, crisp-edged Davey board?


Darryl Baird
University of North Texas

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