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Long Stitch

I like the long stitch and have done a lot of them.  I learned from Keith
Smith's books.  Sometimes his instructions are so detailed that you can
get lost going back and forth from the directions to the book you're
sewing.  I recommend a buddy so you don't have to keep finding your place.

I usually pierce holes for the threads instead of using a slit for two
reasons.  One, when the spine had a cloth covering the edges never looked
neat, there would be little threads sticking up at the corner.  (Must be
my sewing training to never leave raw edges).  Two, the threads tend to
slip around in the slit, making it hard to control the pattern of the
sewing.  Now I work out the pattern on the card that will be the spine
lining either before or after it is glued to the bookcloth that lines the
spine and extends for the hinges.  When that is dry I pierce the holes
with a biology probe.

I remove a layer of board on the inside cover that is an inch or an inch
and a quarter deep and cut the hinge extensions exactly the same size.
That makes it relatively easy to glue them in exactly the right place so
my carefully worked out holes are centered.  I use PVA almost to where
the spine is (to prevent stray glue) and a brush a little on the edge of
the book board which is the most critical point of contact.  Next it gets
a quick squeeze in the nipping press and is allowed to dry.  I make a
spine lining of cloth and when that is dry I have to pierce the holes
again, this time from the outside.  Then I glue on an endsheet.  An edge
of the spine lining cloth shows on the inside and is a nice excuse to use
bits of interesting fabric.

You can sew in a "pocket" instead of another book section.  It's a little
tricky because you have to sew in before you glue it together, but people
sure are intrigued by them for journals or albums.  I use them in my
organizer books too for receipts and directions to wonderful bookbinding
and art stores in exotic places.


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