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Re: Cutting Davey board

Here are a couple of ideas which will make life easier.  If you can use the
paper cutter at an art supply store to cut your boards to approximately the
size you need them to be, it will be easier to finish trimming them to
exact size with a box cutter.  A better solution would be to use a mat
cutter.  There are inexpensive hand-held mat cutters, but if I were doing
an edition, as you are, I would talk to a local picture framer about using
one of their mat cutters.

If possible, use razor blades with a single bevel (they are available, but
not all framers use them); this will give you a good right angle; razor
blades with a double bevel will cut well enough, but you need to spend some
extra time boning the raised edges down to square the angle.

Kuttrimmers are nice to have around and I like mine well enough that I got
rid of the board shear.  A few years ago I also purchased a used Keeton mat
cutter for $100.  It'll cut a 42" board; my Kuttrimmer cuts up to 36".
These days, you should be able to find a used mat cutter for under $200.

Davey board is full of sand & gravel (my term for recycled junk in the
board) so you will go through a few razor blades, but the trade off is
worth it.

>What are other possible (and good) ways to cut boards. I know I can't
>afford (or justify) a Kuttrimmer, but is this the only way? What do
>others do for cutting perfectly square, crisp-edged Davey board?


Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Lab
Portland, OR


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