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Good bye

Thank you to the few people who replied to my notice about the sale of my
hollander and press.  I think shipping is the curse to sale of these things,
so didn't sell either one, but perhaps it's a blessing too.

My husband received a job offer to work two years as General Manager of the
Fort Young Hotel, on the island of Commonwealth of Dominica (between
Guadeloupe and Martinque).  So now I can look up the papermaker in Costa
Rica and make all the banana leaf paper I want!  If any of you are down our
way, please look us up at the hotel in Roseau (the capital city - town).

It is certainly an experience of a life time.

I am unsubscribing now but will pick up the list once we're settled on the
island - then you can boast of have a member in the West Indies!

Take care all, I will miss your conversation this next month (yes Peter, I
know, I can catch up at the website!)

Colette Johnson-Vosberg
formerly - Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada (I can't wait to complain about
being too hot!)
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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