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new threads

artemis suggested unique structure conversations for new threads.  okay, help
me with this minor dilemma.

i've been invited to participate in the very first bookarts exhibit at the
university of arkansas at little rock.  most of my books are the soft
covered, non-adhesive type, i.e.: keith smith books, japanese, etc.

there's this hand-lettered book i started (read: never finished) several
years ago.  it will be a gift for my daughter who was intrigued that the
golden oldie on the radio was from ecclesiastes.  she now owns the byrds
greatest hits.

the calligraphy is on barcham green's charter oak (watermarked 1983, the year
the daughter was born) covers will probably be a colored cover weight
handmade from st. armand.

as for my binding abilities:  keith smith's long stitch and buttonhole stitch
books are some of my most common books, and i LOVE doing coptic bindings
(although this one may not have enough pages/signatures for coptic.)   i've
also made a few of the k. smith caterpillar.  anyway, i thought i'd throw
this out for the group.  are there any opinions as to an appropriate binding
for turn, turn, turn and the seasons of eccesliastes???

this may not be what artemis or anybody else wanted when complaining about
the unbindingness of this list, but here it is.  what do you think?

thanks -
little rock, arkansas

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