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Book Press versus copy press

The main difference between a book press and a copy press is the the
amount of opening (it is also called  light) between the fixed bottom
plate and the upper movable one. Typically, the copy press has only a
few inches of light, rarely in excess of four. The book press has
several dozens inches of light. Both come in different sizes: I have and
use 2 copying presses each 11x14 with 3 1/2 inches of light, and 3 book
presses, 2 14x20 with 20inches of light and one 20x26 with 60 inches of
light. Copying presses are somewhat common and easy to find. They are
adequate for some bookbinding tasks when pressing is required, but you
are restricted to only one book at each pressing. Bookpresses, made for
the purpose of pressing several books at once, is necessary to the small
bookbinding shop. They are more difficult to obtain than the copy press
and cost several hundred dollar more than the copy press. The going
price for the copy press found in your antiue shop or flea market is
about $150.00.

Denis Gouey

Denis Gouey Bookbinding Studio
PO Box 383 Norfolk CT, 06058

860 542 5063


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