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Re: making artists' books

Barbara wrote:

 stick my neck out by going first. I would love to hear from others on
>this list both their individual definition of book arts and what,
>specifically they do that they term book arts.
I don't know that I have an actual definition of book arts, but I'll try to
explain why I love making books. I also started out (and still consider
myself) primarily a printmaker. But what really made me start making books
was the element of time that you can incorporate into a book. With a print,
certainly a viewer can see and "read" more into the work, both visually and
in terms of the purpose and content of the work, the more time he or she
spends looking at it. But I wanted to be able to make work that was more
similar to a musical piece, in a sense. With a book, there is a flow - one
goes from one part to another and back again, and each time one moves
"forward", one learns more about the parts that came before. It's like
adding layers and layers (all my work has layers and layers of one sort or
another) that add richness and dimesion to the work.

Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
email: (tholman@xxxxxxxxx)

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