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Re: computer print smudges

On Thu, 1 May 1997, Emily Martin wrote:
> I have made a book using a Hewlett Packard deskwriter
> 660C printer, printing in black ink onto Arches BFK paper. That all went
> well. Now months after printing, one of the pages spreads has smudged
> off, slightly onto the facing page. Can this be removed, if so how.

Hi Emily,
You can try to clean the smudged ink off the book's paper by using a Magic
Rub or Mars Statdler acrylic eraser. If you don't already have one, make
sure you take the "finish" off of a new eraser by rubbing it on
something else for a few minutes. Then use that fresh spot to clean.

Arches BFK has a kinda soft surface so use a gentle touch. Stop if you
pull up any paper fibers at all. It could be that the page that smudged
didn't get reach fuse temperature as it passed through the laser printer.
I've heard of people ironing pages to "set" the toner after-the-fact, but
don't know what temperature to recommend.

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