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Re: Book arts and artist books

On Sat, 3 May 1997, Melissa McCarthy wrote:

> BTW, has anyone else occasionally had trouble
> deciphering Keith Smith's sewing diagrams? I though longstitch was *way*
> out of my league, until I learned it hands-on... then the diagram made
> much more sense.

I just tried a longstitch out of Keith Smith's Non Adhesive Binding this
weekend.  At times I got a bit confused, but I figured it out and was
quite pleased with the result.  For that one I relied more on the words
than his illustration, though often in his books I work entirely from his
illustration because the words just muddle me more.  Usually i read
through and try to imagine the whole process before acutally starting.
It can be tricky, but I've learned so many good things from his books.
I was really happy with the one I made this weekend.

-April Abbott

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