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Re: Wired

I also read that issue, last week, and Pat's posting reminded me that I
wanted to mention it to the list. Not about the Well article, which was
fascinating, but the one on "Digital Ink", by Charles Platt (p. 162).
Basically, this MIT guy is developing a way to create pages, made of some
kind of plastic, with little balls inside that would respond to a coded
(electric) current and form text and halftone-like images on the surface.
These "pages" could be "bound" into books and reused. I apologize for my
bad interpretation, but what really interested me was the acknowledgement
by the computer/scientific/communications field that the *book* (Western
codex) is in fact a very useful and functional artefact, much much better
than the format our PCs take today as far as readability and portability. I
thought the ideas in the article were interesting solutions to the problems
of ecology, digitization, and tradition.
Tanya, who is two weeks away from being a "real" librarian!

Date:    Sun, 4 May 1997 17:04:11 -0700
From:    pat baldwin <patbooks@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Wired


I just read the great lead article in the new WIRED magazine. Since you're
our benevolent leader in this, the specialized result of the WELL
experience, you might be interested in the fascinating history of The Well.
The story of it's rise and fall makes me smile at our recent lengthy thread.
Good reading.


Gregory Fisk
Tanya DiMaggio

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