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At 03:00 PM 5/5/97 -0600, you wrote:
>In view of the recent postings on the screw/copy/book presses, anybody
>know where I can get parts for one? It is missing the threaded rod,
>circular wheel handle on top, and the cover where the threaded rod
>attaches to the plate.
Sam, if your press is an old one, I have a feeling you're going to have a
tough time finding what you need. Of course, a machine shop could make
these parts but the cost would be more than another press. You can get acme
thread screws (probably what you had) from woodworkers'suppliers who sell
them for workbench vise parts. But whether you could find one with correct
diameter and pitch to fit the nut on your press I don't know. If the nut is
removable you might have a chance to replace it and the screw but I still
suspect that the expense of the screw and other parts will exceed the cost
of another press.

If your press is a new one then the manufacturer should be able to help you
but I'm sure if that were the case you would already have done that.

Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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