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Exhibition of My Books

Dear Book Friends:

I am having an exhibition of my work:

Ancient Armor
Bookworks & Wearable Texts by
Miriam Schaer

May 1-May 31, 1997

Central Connecticut State University
Elihu Burritt Library
1615 Stanley Street
New Britain, Connecticut

Library Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8 am-11 pm, Friday 8 am-4 pm
Saturday 9 am-4 pm, Sunday 1 pm-11 pm
After May 20, please call for hours

I create my works using unconventional materials, including photographs,
clothing, steel pins, scraps of printed matter, dollhouse furniture, lace, silk,
glue, glass, linoleum, medicinal vials, and discarded objects. In the show at
the Burritt are 4 new unique books from this year, including  "Guardian" and
"Precious", works in which a longline girdle and a toddler's dress are
transformed into books that deal with issues of power and pregnancy.

The show also includes Rules of Engagement, a series of nine hostess aprons
printed with images of idealized women accompanied by excerpts from Sun Tsu's
The Art of War. I have embroidered the excerpts onto each apron.

If you are in the area, I hope you will be able to stop by.

I was able to make a 4-color postcard for the show. If you would like to receive
one, please e-mail me your snail mail address and I will send it off. The card
shows the piece Ancient Armor, which is part of an on going series of "girdle
books" that I have been making since 1993.

Mimi Schaer

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