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Re: Artists' Books

In a message dated 97-05-05 10:15:21 EDT, you write:

<< >this list both their individual definition of book arts and what,
 >specifically they do that they term book arts. >>


My name is Mary Crest. I came to artists' books by a circuitous route. I was
a journalist for Copely News Service, and later, editor of DAY Magazine. I
became interested in art and took classes in various media including drawing,
painting, design, printmaking, alternative photography, architecture,
textiles, and papermaking. I was looking for ways to combine my passions,
writing and art. In 1992, I found a book in the library on binding and made a
dozen clothbound blank books. Then, by chance, I noticed a class offered at
U.C.L.A. taught by Kitty Maryatt, entitled Structures of the Visual Book.
Taking that class changed my idea of what a book is; I am indebted to Kitty
for providing excellent training. Others who have been an important
influence: Susan King, Katherine Ng, Sas Colby, Peter and Donna Thomas.

I think any book made with the intention of being an artists' book, is.

To satisfy myself, my books must successfully marry content and form, be
executed with the best craftsmanship of which I am capable, consist of
quality materials and involve the reader in as much interaction as I can
devise. I employ any and all of the media mentioned above, as needed. Artwork
is scanned, or hand applied; text is often computer generated, laser printed.
Structures are sometimes combined. Layering is a constant theme. I make both
one-of-a-kind and editioned books. It's amazing to me that I can use everythin
g, writing/reporting/editing in the 1960s-70s, and mixed media art in the
1970s-80s, to fund my present work.

This has turned into a brief bio but since I'm new to the list I will post

Mary Crest

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