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I would suggest Books, Boxes, and Portfolios by Franz Zeier. Bookbinder's
Warehouse carries it for about $39. It's written on a basic level, great
illustrations, and very clear and assumes you have virtually no equipment.
It focuses on traditional Western (German) binding style but also has
directions for accordion fold, Japanese style, and a few others. The author
is a professor of design in Switzerland and tends to lecture a bit on
aesthetics and proportions, can't hurt.

For more "funky foldy" styles I would suggest the Keith Smith Books and
Cover to Cover by Shareen LaPlantz. Both are very good. I have a
bibliography of binding manuals up in the Book Arts Links section of the
list web page at <http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey>

My personal feeling is stay away from the "older" manuals as they tend to
confuse more than enlighten, especially if starting out. They also teach
some things I would consider conservationaly questionable such as
oversewing, sawn in cords... If one has ALOT of experience they're fine as
reference books, but not for beginners.


At 01:59 AM 5/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I've done some reading, but I have little bench experience, and no
>instruction. I have "Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand" by Laura
>S.Young, "Bookbinding as a Handcraft" by Manly Banister, and "Hand
>Bookbinding, a Manual of Instruction" by Aldren A Watson.  I'd like to
>get two or more recommendations of other books from each of you
>bookbinding gurus.  I'm asking for two because then you can cite the
>second best one beside the one you wrote yourself.  :-) I hope I don't
>start any flames, but does anyone have any *specific* objections to
>the advice or techniques in the books I have.
>Phil Karn, Sr
>Newbie in Residence

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