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Re: storage of paper

In a message dated 97-05-05 18:30:48 EDT, you write:

<< >And then what do you do with the not so huge?  Or how about the eensey,
 >>weensey bits you might need and hate to waste?
 >> >>

Ikea, a chain store in California, carries an eighteen drawer chest called
Sture. The drawers are 13" wide x 10" deep. Eleven of the drawers are 11/4"
deep, six are 3" deep. The chest stands about 52" high, sells for $118. Two
of them hold all my collage papers, pen and ink supplies, beads, clasps,
ribbon, natural found object (shells, leaves, pressed flowers, feathers),
headbands, pre-cut boards, etc.

Mary Crest

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