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Re: Typeholder & Heating

Yehuda Miklaf sent at 13:29 7th May..........

 >Does anyone have a plan for a small handheld typeholder that is heated
electrically? I have in mind something a couple of inches long that would hold
12 to 16 pt. type and be heated, say by a soldering iron element with a
rheostat to control the heat. Yehuda Miklaf <mfritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

One suggestion is to use a reasonable size holder 3" or 4" to provide thermal
mass and therefore stability of the temperature.   I use this size with an
electric stove and find the temperature is held well for quite some time.

If you have access to electronic component supplier catalogues (I think *.il is
Israel, so you should be able to find someone?) you should find "heating"
components.  Looking in, for example, the UK Radiospares Catalogue you can find
various aluminium-housed resistors with solder terminals, or screw terminals,
which can be bolted to a metal substrate for good thermal contact.  These are
wire wound with a high insulation resistance, from 10 watts to 300watts
dissipation, and sizes ca. 10mm x 10mm to 100mm x 60mm.    I suggest one of
these types would satisfy the purpose you describe.   The heating control will
be essential to have the right temperature for gilding.  You would need to take
suitable safety precautions, or preferably use low voltages through an
isolating transformer.

Rodney Fry
<  rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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