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Re: Pricing and Descriptions

{\rtf0\ansi \deff0{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss Arial;}}{\colortbl;\red0\green=
0\blue0;}\deftab1440{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7=
200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx=
17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 At a risk of con=0D=0Atinuing this th=
read  I have found in my files some old price lists for UK binders su=
pplied with catalogues and from Book or Art Fairs.   I believe the or=
iginator of this thread requested how to set out the various types of=
 bindings with prices.\par }{=0D=0A\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx432=
0 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx1474=
2 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 \par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1=
440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx1247=
4 \tx13608 =0D=0A\tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20=
 The lists I have break the repairs/restoration/binding for various s=
izes of volumes.  One list gives the overall size, another just  heig=
hts from 8" to 15", with the extra price for each additional 1".\par =
}{=0D=0A\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \=
tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx1814=
4 \plain \f0 \fs20 \par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760=
 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 =0D=0A\tx14742 \=
tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 Typically the styles offer=
ed are :\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \t=
x8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 =
\tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 -     secure and rec=0D=0Aase in original c=
ase\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640=
 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18=
144 \plain \f0 \fs20 -    1/4 cloth paper sides\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx=
1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 =0D=0A\tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 =
\tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs2=
0 -     full cloth spine lettered\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \=
tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \t=
x14742 \tx15876 =0D=0A\tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 -     cloth =
reback, match\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx72=
00 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx1=
7010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 all the way up to \par }{\pard\sl200 \=
tx1440 =0D=0A\tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx1134=
0 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \f=
s20 -     Full morocco, modern, raised bands, gold\par }{\pard\sl200 =
\tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 =
=0D=0A\tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f=
0 \fs20 \par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \t=
x8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 =
\tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 Extra charges are quoted for additio=0D=
=0Anal decoration, slip cases, solander cases, repairing corners, gil=
t edges per inch, etc.\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5=
760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx1=
5876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 \par }{=0D=0A\pard\sl200 \tx1=
440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx1247=
4 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 The p=
rices are for 1990 and 1995 and will probably bear little relation to=
 US prices, even if  inflation up to=0D=0A the present was applied.  =
 A full leather binding with bands, 10"x15", was in excess of \'a3100=
.    A fine binding started at \'a3250 in 1990.\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx=
1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx124=
74 \tx13608 \tx14742 =0D=0A\tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs2=
0 \par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx8640 =
\tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx181=
44 \plain \f0 \fs20 Rodney Fry\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4=
320 \tx5760 =0D=0A\tx7200 \tx8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608=
 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 \tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 <  rod.fry@gecm=
.com  >\par }{\pard\sl200 \tx1440 \tx2880 \tx4320 \tx5760 \tx7200 \tx=
8640 \tx10206 \tx11340 \tx12474 \tx13608 \tx14742 \tx15876 \tx17010 =
=0D=0A\tx18144 \plain \f0 \fs20 \par }}=

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