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Re: Source for Japanese bookcloth


Thanks for the info.  I will certainly give Rising Sun a call!

Marilyn Korber

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Sent:   Wednesday, May 07, 1997 7:38 AM
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Subject:        Source for Japanese bookcloth

There is another place to try for Japanese bookcloth located in
Dallas, TX called Rising Sun Japanese Book Cloth. I have not
ordered anything from them, but they say they now have over sixty
different types of bookcloth (they only had 15 when they sent out
a complementary sample, but they are nice looking). The owner was
at the last GBW Standards in Pasadena for those who were there and
remember.  Their address is:

        Rising Sun Japanese Book Cloth
        P.O. Box 515331
        Dallas, Texas  75251
        Phone: (214) 368-3848
        Fax: (214) 368-4782
        email: copheim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eric Alstrom
Athens, Ohio

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