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Re: Backing Fabric....

Hi Marilyn-
I have used the fusible web that is paper backed and it has worked fine.
Follow directions well to get a decent bond though.  It really expands the
possibilities.....sky is the limit.  I've never chosen a very bulky fabric
but it has worked well with raw silk, cotton batiks, etc.

Good luck,

>If I can't locate this specific bookclth for my client, she wishes to pick a
>fabric for the cover!  I have the directions for backing fabric in "Japanese
>Bookbinding".  However, I have never tried it.  Is it difficult?  And doesn't
>the paste come through the fabric at all?
>My client suggested she could iron on some fusable webbing!  Will this
work or
>will it make the fabric too bulky?
>I appreciate any help I can get on this matter.
>Marilyn Korber
Michelle Venditelli
Bindery Manager
Box A
Brown University Library
Providence, RI 02912

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