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At 01:59 AM 5/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I've done some reading, but I have little bench experience, and no
>instruction. I have "Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand" by Laura
>S.Young, "Bookbinding as a Handcraft" by Manly Banister

Manly Banister is to Book Arts and Printmaking (His other two books still in
print) what Richard M. Nixon was to acting.

No, I never voted for Manly Banister in '68.

Not to be cruel but good work starts where Manly ends...not that his Machine
Shop Magic dosen't contain a few good ideas!

Keep looking and reading and asking!

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    Director Celtic Press                Instructional Media Librarian
     Buffalo  New York                   D'Youville College Library
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