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Re: Backing Fabric....

Marilyn Korber wrote:
>If I can't locate this specific bookclth for my client, she wishes to pick a
>fabric for the cover!  I have the directions for backing fabric in "Japanese
>Bookbinding".  However, I have never tried it.  Is it difficult?  And doesn't
>the paste come through the fabric at all?
>My client suggested she could iron on some fusable webbing!  Will this work or
>will it make the fabric too bulky?

Last weekend I put paper backing on 13 pieces of fabric that I bought while
traveling in Africa. The paste only came through on two pieces which I had
let dry out a bit too much before attaching the paper.  I used the process
described in "Japanese Bookbinding" and it worked very well for me.  I would
not hesitate to do it again.  I even mounted a very thin piece of muslin
with no problem.

I have used the fusible web as well, but find that if I don't ensure that I
have a very strong bond the fabric can seperate with use after a time.  I
have mainly experienced this with bookmarks and soft cover books, which
undergo more flexing that a hard board cover would.

You might want to try backing a trial piece of cloth with paste and paper
and see how it works for you before attempting the fabric your client wants
to use.  Good luck with the project.

Kathy in Saskatchewan


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