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Rising Sun Japanese Book Cloth

Thanks to Eric Alstrom, I now know about Rising Sun Japanese Book Cloth
Company.  I spoke with Charles Opheim, who was quite professional.  He is just
now stocking more cloths and unfortunately, does not have the one I need.
However, I certainly will use him in the future.

Charles asked me to post his NEW phone numbers for the company:

Rising Sun Japanese Book Cloth
214/748-9894 --  phone
214/747-8255 --  fax

Charles asks that these new number be used from now on.

Also, Charles is sending a questionnaire out to those who wish to fill him in
on their businesses.  He can fax or e-mail the questionnaire so if you want to
help him help you, e-mail him at:


and ask for the questionnaire.

Marilyn Korber

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