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Re: Cutting Davey board

  I was wondering whether Lynne might have some more professional shop
and studio tips to pass on to the list.  It is nice to have a resident
physical therapist on-line!
  My mother-in-law has frequently worked in libraries and says whenever
people tell her they are thinking of volunteering to help out at a
library book sale, etc that her first question is always "Are you in
good physical condition?"  They think she's nuts, but she's right!
People just don't understand that books can be heavy even when they are
not in boxes.  Just hauling large volumes in and out of lying presses
can be tricky since one is often trying to maintain a particular shape
or hold loose material in place with hand strength alone (while screwing
up a press).  Know any good hand strength excercises, Lynne?
 Dorothy A.

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