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Re: Computer print smudges

>It could be that the page that smudged didn't get reach fuse temperature as
it passed through the laser printer.
>I've heard of people ironing pages to "set" the toner after-the-fact, but
>don't know what temperature to recommend.

        The easiest way to set partially fused toner is to run it through a
properly functioning copier or laser printer.  Using an iron directly on
toner is problematic. Unless you coat the hot surface with fuser oil the
toner may stick to the iron. Similarly, it is not good to put a sheet of
plain paper on the partially fused text and then iron the sandwich. Heat
will fuse the toner to both sheets of paper.
         Better to put a sheet of release paper (the silicone-coated paper
on which copier and laser printer mailing labels are
shipped) on top of the toner and the iron on top of that. Set the iron on
300-350 degrees fahrenheit.
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