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Re: List changes (actually saving email)

I'm surprised at the number of people who print out email. Why do you
do this? You already have the perfect storage medium -- your harddisk,
and keeping it digital form allows you to search it so much easier. I
keep a *lot* of email -- have no idea what percentage, but there's over
a 1000 posts from this list alone and a am on about 15 lists.
   Each post I receive automagically goes to the appropriate folder
according to the list (BookArts, Paper, Letpress, etc.) and I then don't
have to even sort thru them, or even read them. I can look at a folder,
sort it according to sender or subject or date or whatever -- delete
whole subject threads without even looking at them (although I know I
miss some good stuff that way, since people don't change subject
headings) or all the posts by certain individuals. I could also, if I
wanted to take the time, set up "kill files" to automatically remove
posts on certain subjects or from obnoxious individuals before I even
see them at all.
   I mean, to each his own, but perhaps those who print out email just
aren't aware of the possibilities of dealing with email?

Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxxx hseaver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Facts an' facts, an' t'ings an' t'ings: dem's all a lotta fockin'
bullshit. Hear me! Dere is no truth but de one truth, an' that is
de truth of Jah Rastafari."   -- Sir Robert Marley, 1978
Copyright, Harmon F. Seaver, 1997. License to distribute this post is
available to Microsoft for US$1,000 per instance, or local equivalent.

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