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Re: Artists' Books

This is in response to Barbara Harman's post:

>I would love to hear from others on
>this list both their individual definition of book arts and what,
>specifically they do that they term book arts.

OK, I'll come out from lurking. I've been on this list about 8 months, but not
actively participating.

I am a visual artist who works in fibers (including pulp) and alternative
photography, in a variety of formats including artists' books. My education
includes a degree in fine arts and studying artist's books with Keith Smith at
Visual Studies Workshop. My books are one-of-a-kind art objects, usually part
of a body of work and  therefore part of whatever that series is investigating.

My interest in making books usually has to do with what  I'm expressing in a
particular series, plus the challenges inherent in a book-- sequence,
structure, and so forth. I find bookmaking a critical and wonderful experience
for my growth as an artist -- it enables me to work through some ideas very
I love the intimacy of the book form itself and the viewer's experience with it.

As others have also stated, my  definition of an artist's  book is a loose
one.  I  do consider concept, structure, design, and craftsmanship to play an
important role as with any other piece of art.

Karen Molloy


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