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Re: Re-Post Pricing and Descriptions

My apologies for the Rich Text Format setting on the Create Message w=
indow at
17:28 7 May  -  another try!

At a risk of continuing this thread  I have found in my files some ol=
d price
lists for UK binders supplied with catalogues and from Book Fairs.   =
I believe
the originator of this thread requested how to set out the various ty=
pes of
bindings with prices.

The lists I have break the repairs/restoration/binding for various si=
zes of
volumes.  One list gives the overall size, another just  heights from=
 8" to
15", with the extra price for each additional 1".  The binder must ma=
ke his/her
own mind up as to the best sizing description.

Typically the styles offered are :
-     secure and recase in original case
-    1/4 cloth, paper sides
-     full cloth, spine lettered
-     cloth reback, match
all the way up to,=20
-     Full morocco, modern, raised bands, gold decoration

Extra charges are quoted for additional decoration, slip cases, solan=
der cases,
repairing corners, repairing pages, gilt edges per inch, etc.

The later prices are for 1990 and 1995 and will bear little relation =
to US=20
prices and materials, even if  inflation up to the present was applie=
d.   In
those days a full leather binding with bands, 10"x15", seemed to be i=
n excess
of =A3100.    A fine binding could start at =A3250 in 1990.

Rodney Fry
<  rod.fry@xxxxxxxx  >

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