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Re: Artists' Books

In a message dated 97-05-07 15:07:04 EDT, you write:

<< Please tell us some more about how you use layering in your books. >>


As much as anything, 'layering' is an approach to life--balance and
wholeness--time and space. It is Pachelbel Canon and/or Tchaikovsky's Piano
Concerto in b Flat.

When I use the term 'layering', I am referring to the weaving of content and
structure, bringing the pictorial and text into a coherent visual whole. I
achieve it by combining structures, using translucent (U-V) overlays,
multi-column layouts, secret compartments, two typefaces parallel or
interwoven, (showing two  simultaneous viewpoints), collage using
transparancy...etc. I also use mixed-media-- hand applied art, computer
scanning, polaroid transfers, collage, and, of course, text. Some of my books
are book objects: Boxed books, multi-part presentations...the content
dictates what is used. It may sound like visual noise, but layering is
anything but noise--it's more like a spiritual approach to the subject. In
music, such as Handel's Messiah, a lot is going on, a lot of layering--you
don't get it all the first time through. But each part is needed; each part
contributes to the whole. It's the same thing here.

In trying to give a quick overview, it may sound like I am being glib, but
the truth is, it has taken many years to build the vocabularly that funds my
work. Not that I did it on purpose...I used to berate myself for having too
many interests, for not focusing. I was hopelessly passionate about
everything I learned. It is only with delicious hindsight that I find that an
incredible crossover of media has occurred--and it's available to satisfy the
problem in front of me. The beauty of it is I could not have designed a
course of study that serves me as well.

Mary Crest

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