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Re: List changes (actually saving email)

>Somehow I don't think so, but at some point I will ask for them on cd rom
>or something.
>They're in a safe, committed environment, and probably better off then as
>paper to end up as waste sheets or something.

Now wouldn't that be something for a conservator/binder to find
100 or 200 years hence as a wastesheet or a spine liner. The
printed out electronic correspondence of a late 20th century
group of bookartists and binders and conservators discussing
the issues that were important to them in their day and age,
such as whether it is important to save, print, or archive
electronic messages.  Of course by then all these methods
(but of course not the print/book format ;-) will have been
superseded by something along the lines of telepathic
reality and computers won't be needed at all.  Just a thought ...

Eric Alstrom
Athens, Ohio

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