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Re: List changes (actually saving email)

I like the way you think. What would people think, what are the issues we
would like to see remembered, how would our self image be perceived? When I
really need to pull in a board I use newsprint, printed of course because
its pulling power is so great when pasted out. Yes, I know, it's acidic,
but there will always be something else over it, sealed in with PVA (anyone
out there know about plasticizers). I always try to find some shocking
headlines or something else that someone would find interesting. Dilbert
would be fun too. Might as well give some future conservator or artist
something fun to play with.

I remember when I was studying in Ascona, Switzerland, and someone was
working on an 16th century book with vellum over boards. We had to lift the
vellum to restore holes in it and found that an almost complete map of the
world had been cut up and pasted together to make up the boards which is
how they used to be made. All told there were gaps of about 1cm meaning not
much at all was lost. That was fun. The book was a discard from some church
library, the text very boring, in other words a great practice book. To
anyone thinking about it, please spare me the questions of ethics on that
one. Think of it as a cadaver and us the med school students...

Anyone else have any stories to share along these lines.


>Now wouldn't that be something for a conservator/binder to find
>100 or 200 years hence as a wastesheet or a spine liner. The
>printed out electronic correspondence of a late 20th century
>group of bookartists and binders and conservators discussing
>the issues that were important to them in their day and age,
>such as whether it is important to save, print, or archive
>electronic messages.  Of course by then all these methods
>(but of course not the print/book format ;-) will have been
>superseded by something along the lines of telepathic
>reality and computers won't be needed at all.  Just a thought ...
>Eric Alstrom
>Athens, Ohio
>> Je mehr das Eiweiss stinkt, je mehr der Goldschnitt blinkt! <<

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