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This may be cheating, as I still have my book-arts list set to "nomail" as
I get through a bunch of 'other' stuff. So I'm not reading messages but am
sending one.

This one is forwarded, and is about helping the arts recover from the North
Dakota floods. I apologize if someone has already posted this on poetics.
And while I realize it has little to do directly with book arts, I still
think it is appropriate on any arts-related list.

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Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 22:46:23 -0400
From: Julie Hornstein <DHornstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
      Arts Education Chair, North Dakota Arts Alliance
To: FINKELSTEIN RICHARD S <finkelst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Help for Grand Forks Arts

May 6, 1997

Less than .05% of residents have been allowed to move back into their homes
because of lack of water, sewer, gas & electric services.Most are 'camping
in' with friends, relatives or shelters both in and out of state.

We have confirmation that:

ND Ballet was burned out. All Records, equipment, etc. are gone, but they
were renters so can try to move to a new space, if/when one can be located.
They had to cancel performances and spring fundraisng efforts and are short
of current operating funds to use for the recovery period.

Firehall Community Theatre sustained substantial water damage and some fear
the building will be condemned...a determination to be made 'later' by the
powers that be.As of May 5, the degree of damage to equipment, costumes,
etc. could not be determined because the site could not be visited. They
had to cancel performances and spring fundraisng efforts and are short of
current operating funds to use for the recovery period.

North Valley Arts Council was temporarily housed in a commercial building
above water line and therefore still have their administrative hub, but
they were in a crucial stage of grant-seeking for renovation of an old
movie theatre as a mixed-purpose arts center. That building sustained
substantial water damage and no one seems to be able to forecast the
probable future of the project at this time.

Most of the remaining arts organizations (Symphony, ND Art Gallery, Master
Chorale, etc.) were housed above water-line (many on the UND Campus), but
operations have been severely interrupted and we will have to wait until
folks can move back home to find out how much damage has been done to
season ticket sales, fundraising, planning for next season etc.

At the request of Governor Schafer, the ND Community Fund is taking
donations for non-profit organizations for flood relief. Any donations can
be designated to a specific cause (such as 'the arts') or for a specific
organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible and 100% of the money
goes for flood relief. Contact information: North Dakota Community
Foundation, PO BOX 387, Bismarck, ND 58502-2191. Phone 1-800-605-5252.

The North Dakota Arts Alliance would like to publicly acknowledge
contributions to flood relief for the arts in order to underscore the
nationwide support for the belief that rebuilding the arts infrastructure
is vital to rebuilding a real community. Such documentation will also
provide moral support and generate tangible in-state support for the arts
organizations as they undergo the protracted recovery period. Please send
notification of flood-reief projects and/or contributions to: North Dakota
Arts Alliance PO BOX 428, Minot, ND 58702 or email to nodaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
for publication.

Individuals and organizations wishing to offer in-kind or replacement-goods
relief rather than money donations should contact North Dakota Arts
Alliance PO BOX 428, Minot, ND 58702, 701-839-1439, or email to
nodaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx so we can facilitate the matching of needs with
offered assistance.

Let's also give some deep thought to establishing an on-going national
disaster-relief fund for arts organizations facing unexpected disasters -
natural or un-natural.

Julie Hornstein (Arts Education Chair, North Dakota Arts Alliance)
(home email DHornstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)


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