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paper storage files

Sorry I am a bit late in responding to this query for oversize paper
storage.  About a year ago, we bought some polyethylene stacking
trays to augment our flat file storage.  These trays are light
weight but have a 40 lb per tray load capacity and you can stack them
up to 5" high.  To quote from the catalog description, "These modular
trays interlock when stacked to form a solid bank of flat storage ...
Each tray can be stacked with the opening positioned on either the
same or opposite side as the one below it...Trays are available in 2
sizes and are constructed of heavy duty steel reinforced high density
weight polyethylene for rigid support and strength...An optional wood
core vinyl laminate is available for the top tray."  We have been
very pleased with the trays - our only problem is that since there is
an opening (unlike flat files), we made corrugated folders to protect our
paper/cloth from dust and to provide more support when removing
materials.  We bought them from University Products (800-628-1912)
for $118.72 for a set of two of the larger size (I think we actually bought 6) but I've
also seen them in the Dick Blick catalog (800-447-8192) as well as
numerous industrial supply catalogs for about the same price.

Kate Murray
Collections Conservator
NYU Libraries

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